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    Type  UG:2-20/350

  • Tube GI7b
  • Frequency 144-146 MHz

    Power in Power out I/O 1-20 W 20-350 W

    VSWR max 1.4 Max

    Dimension(cm) 40x40x20

    Weight (kg)  18 kg

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Frequency Coverage: All amateur bands 1.8-54MHz; extensions and/or changes on request.

Power Output: 1000W PEP or continuous carrier, no mode limit.

•Intermodulation Distortion: Better than 35dB below rated output.

•Hum and noise: Better than 40dB below rated output.

•Input and Output Impedances:
- nominal value: 50 Ohm unbalanced, UHF (SO239) type connectors;

- input circuit: broadband, VSWR less than 1.3:1, 1.8-54MHz continuously (no tunings, no switching);
- bypass path VSWR less than 1.1:1, 1.8-54MHz continuously;

-output matching capability: better than VSWR 3:1 or greater at reduced output levels.
• RF Gain: 12.5dB typically, frequency response less than 1dB (50 to 60W drive power for rated output).


The ACOM 2000A Automatic HF Linear Amplifier is the world's most advanced HF amplifier designed for amateur use. The ACOM 2000A is the first amateur HF amplifier to include both fully automatic tuning and sophisticated digital control capabilities. This revolutionary new amplifier delivers maximum legal power in all modes and operates on all HF amateur bands

• RF output: 1500-2000 W keyed carrier or SSB - no time limit. Constant carrier modes 1500W RF output - no time limit with auxiliary cooling fan.

• Frequency coverage: All amateur bands 1.8-24.5 MHz.

• Bandchange / Tuneup: Initial output matching process in less than 3 secs (typically 0.5 secs). Preset matching process / bandchange takes less than 0.2 second to move to different segment, same band and less than 1 sec for QSY to different band.

• Tuning memories: Non-volatile for up to 10 antennas per frequency segment.
• Drive power: Typically 50W for 1500W output.
• Input impedance: 50 ohms nominal. VSWR <1.5:1.

• Output tolerance: Up to 3:1 VSWR (2:1 on 160m) at full rated output before SWR protection circuit actuates. Higher SWR's tolerated at lower output.

• Harmonics: At least 50 dB below peak output at 1500W.

• Intermodulation: At least 35 dB below peak output at 1500W.

• T/R and keying: Vacuum Relay: QSK capable.

• Tubes and circuit: 4CX800A/GU74b tetrodes (2); resistive grid, PI-L output with RF negative feedback. Regulated screen grid voltage.

• ALC: Negative going, grid derived, -11v max, rear panel adjustable.

• Metering: Comprehensive. Remote Control Unit provides flexible monitoring of all amplifier operating parameters.

• Protection: Grid and screen current limiting, power inrush (soft-start provided), trip to excessive reflected power, RF arcs, password access protection if needed, correct T/R sequencing, tube exhaust overheat, cover interlock and HV crowbar.

• Fault diagnosis: Remote Control Unit display and LED's plus "INFO Box" for 12 most recent events. PC interface (RS-232), plus remote phone line interrogation feature.

• Cooling: Full cabinet forced-air. Rubber isolated blower.

• AC power requirements: 100/120/200/220/240 VAC nominal. 50-60 Hz. 3500VA single phase at full power.

• Physical: RF Unit: 17-1/4"W X 7"H X 17-3/4"D
-(440W x 180H x 450D mm).
-RCU: 5-1/4"W X 6-3/4"D X 1" H
-(135 X 25H X 170D mm).

-Shipped in two cartons total weight 80lb (36kg.) Plug in transformer for ease of installation and transport.

-No controls on RF unit except ON/OFF. RF unit may be located up to 3 metres (10m with optional kit) from RCU.











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